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posted on: Monday, July 7, 2014

Probably many of us set life goals such as having a dream job or getting married by the certain age.. or have material obsessions such as getting a pair of Louboutins or Prada bag(s). I think all these kind of material or immaterial goals are welcome as long as you don’t take too much of pressure of achieving them and forget to enjoy life. 

One of my favorite spare time activities is listing things! I love making lists for example of my favorite holiday destinations or must-have clothes.. so I spent my Sunday evening dreaming of iconic handbags which I would like to see in my closet. What do you think of my choices? 

Ps. The most iconic Hermes Birkin bag I had to skip due to lack of a retail availability :)


Rakastan erilaisten listojen luomista esimerkiksi unelmalomakohteistani tai mitä vaatteita ostan seuraavaksi. Vietin tämän sunnuntai-illan unelmoiden ikonisista laukuista, jotka haluaisin nähdä vaatekomerossani. Mitä olet mieltä valinnoistani?


posted on: Monday, June 30, 2014

Photos by Brendan Minto
Location Notting Hill 

Hi Everyone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Head to toes white is the major trend of the season and I love it! I think an all-white ensemble makes a refreshing statement and  sophisticated impression ..and what would be easier than dressing up in all one colour? Ok I didn’t go completely white with this outfit. I added a some contrast with a Tory Burch black shoulder bag and edged up the look with Alejandra G. print patterned heels. 

Have you been sale shopping? I wish shopping were as stress-free activity as possible, so I decided not to go sale shopping at retails stores but did some online shopping instead. :) I am a big fan of Zara but I have to say that this year I was a little disappointed of the collection. Usually I find a lot of items that I want to buy from Zara’s sale. However this time, I felt that the whole collection was especially made only for super tall and skinny, 'model type of bodies’. Blazers and accessories were as amazing as usual but I found it very hard to find flattering dresses or tops. I am really looking forward to have more diversity in to the selection. What do you think? x

Photos by Brendan Minto


Päästä varpaisiin valkoiseen pukeutuminen on kauden suurin trendi ja rakastan sitä! Kokovalkoinen luo raikkaan hienostununeen vaikutelman ja mikä olisi helpompaa kuin pukeutua yhteen väriin? Ok en mennyt täysin päästä varpaisiin valkoiseen tässä asussa, vaan lisäsin kontrastia mustalla laukulla ja printtikuvioiduilla kengillä. x

Summer Essentials

posted on: Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mini bag – During a summer holiday, it is all about spending carefree days and leaving all the work related things behind. To set your free and careless, your bag has to be light weighted too.

Spaghetti straps top – A cute summer top, which is easy to pair with skirts and trousers

Lace dress – A wardrobe piece, which never goes out of style and is needed every summer.

Flats – Leopard, zebra, bow, striped ballerinas etc. I love them all! But if I had to pack one pair with me for a holiday, I would go for a metallic pair.

Trendy sunglasses – I am crazy about my classic black Saint Laurent sunglasses but I also like to update my look with trendy shades like cool mirrored shades

Stripes – Summer and stripes go hand in hand. There is no summer without something striped, so why not bikinis this year? I favor cute slightly sporty bikinis.

 Peplum – It is very difficult to pass peplum trend in summer. Girly peplum skirts and tops are everywhere!

PS. I already ordered two of the items, can you guess which ones? xx


Minilaukku: Kesässä on ennenkaikkea kyse huolettomista lomapäivistä ja kaiken työhön liittyvän jättämisestä kotiin. Jotta mieli voi olla kevyt, myös laukun täytyy olla kevyt. Olkahihnallisen laukun kanssa kädet jää vapaaksi.  Spagettiolkaiminen toppi: söpö kesäinen toppi, joka on helppo yhdistää hameiden ja housujen kanssa. Pitsi mekko: ainainen klassikko, jota tarvitaan joka kesä. 

Matalat kengät: seepra tai leopardikuviolliset, raidalliset tai rusetilliset, rakastan niitä kaikkia! Jos kuitenkin olisi pakko valita yhdet mukaan lomamatkalle, ottaisin metallinhohtoiset. Trendikkäät aurinkolasit: Olen löytänyt Saint Laurentilta klassikkolasit, joita tulen pitämään varmaan aina. Välillä on kuitenkin myös kiva päivittää lookki trendikkäillä kehyksillä.

Raidat: Kesä ja raidat kulkevat käsikädessä. Kesä ei ole sama ilman jotain raidallista, tänä vuonna kallistun ehkäpä bikineihin? Peplum: Pelplum on trendi, jota on vaikea ohittaa kesällä. Kauppojen hyllyt pursuaa ihania peplum hameita ja toppeja!

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